You may also be interested in taking pictures, what Dežo Hoffman, as a photographer who photographed all the possible stars of the music brand,  thinks about it. That's why you might be interested in his own words in a graduate film about Dežo Hoffmann, whose author is Graham Walker, a student at The London International Film School. The film was shot in 1967.

So, according to Dežo, what are the most famous pictures?

 "I know from experience that the most famous pictures that are really the top of this photographic genre have often been a favorable match of circumstances, it was not only luck, but sometimes  also an accident that helped. When there is too much stylization people do not believe it. A photo looks good when they give it the right space, when a picture appears in a magazine or a newspaper. That is the only satisfaction for the effort you have made to create it. It's black on white that you really did something. " 

And  what about the quality of the photos? Is everything about the camera? Dežo was sure: "It does not matter whether you're shooting something with one camera or six, you are always taking everything through one eye and  the eye does not lie."