Dezo Hoffmann's native house has had a long history. Its age is estimated at 250 years. It was once a mining house, typical for Banska Stiavnica. It is even more unique by closing the historic centre.

Even today, we can consider it the last house of St. Trinity square. But the housekeepers remember the house in particular as "Lacko's Tavern", which was officially called "At The GodMother". She cooked in the black kitchen (over the open fire) and the food was stored in the past in a rock-carved cellar. In the annex, which is no longer the place, was a local lodge.

At the beginning of the 1950s, they closed the tavern, and Mrs Lacko made it a accommodation where she provided 5-6 beds. In particular, students of chemistry school were accommodated there. The former pub was good for the students, and it was the best heated student-stay in the winter. And since other students were coming to the heat, they were also chess playing as well as cards there.